photographed by: Makenzie


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they're ENGAGED! Sarah&Anthony

So...this was super, super, super fun. Mainly because I got to wear a hat and sunglasses (which I wore over my real glasses) and go undercover as an "innocent Myriad Gardens reader" while Sarah&Anthony walked by me before I followed to get the actual happening of their engagement. Also because getting to see two amazing people you love get engaged and celebrate with the best people was, well-amazing. But the hat and sunglasses thing, too. Basically, it was a stellar, thoughtful, and love-soaked celebration and I was so happy to capture some of that through photographs! 

So a bit of context: Anthony had planned with family and friends (calling friends from out of state to make sure they could make it) the most wonderful proposal which started with dinner with Sarah & her siblings downtown. A walk to the Myriad Gardens was a natural progression and where Anthony had planned to propose in front of a waterfall. After he got down on one knee and Sarah was coming out of shock, they walked under the conservatory and awaiting them at the other side was friends and family to celebrate with them! The party continued through the evening at the children's area of the gardens, which they had rented for the private party. It was a perfect, wonderful night and such a thoughtful way to propose.