photographed by: Makenzie


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Documentary-inspired + full of fresh air.


I've been getting paid to take pictures for about three years now and have continued to develop my personal take on it all (as it should be!). Photographs are weird because we tend to project perfection onto a single image (i.e. look how precious that little baby is, she must never cry and only cause immense joy all the time or look at that perfect couple they look so cute I bet they never fight and only act selflessly and loving to each other all the time...)  

Yet photographs hold significance because the love and joy captured in these photographs (talking lifestyle photography here) are not a lie at all. While they only show the best or happiest of the gamut of human emotions and life in general, these moments and times in our lives are very real and very worth celebrating! But it is also worth remembering that 1. The very best times and moments of our lives probably won't be photographed or shared with others outside of that moment and that is special and to be treasured and protected, 2. The whole story is way better than just "the best of" moments because nobody is a pinterest robot (just a pinterest human-I love pinterest and don't know how I ever threw a party without it), 3. While we may have 2,000 facebook friends giving as an affirming thumbs up in life, the people who super care and super love us are the ones with us in the pictures and 4. Relax, you are awesome.

I am excited that I get to take pictures in this way because to me, a photograph should strive to be a good representation of the subjects and not a contrived image that is unrealistic to the subjects-so that's what I try to do and I'm happy people let me.